Homeopathic Help During The Holidays

Here’s a tip about a Homeopathic remedy you may find useful through the holiday festivities. If you find you’ve overindulged in food or drink, pick up a vial of the Homeopathic remedy Nux-Vomica in a 30C potency. I know, the name of the remedy sounds bizarre but it is known for assisting in rebalancing . . . → Read More: Homeopathic Help During The Holidays

Homeopathic Help for Flu

Feeling Sick as a dog?

Ok!! So, everybody around you has the flu and now, maybe, you do too!  You already know you ought to go home, go to bed, stay hydrated (no, not beer or wine, sorry!), eat light, make sure all avenues of elimination are working well, get out the . . . → Read More: Homeopathic Help for Flu