Homeopathic Help During The Holidays

Here’s a tip about a Homeopathic remedy you may find useful through the holiday festivities. If you find you’ve overindulged in food or drink, pick up a vial of the Homeopathic remedy Nux-Vomica in a 30C potency. I know, the name of the remedy sounds bizarre but it is known for assisting in rebalancing after too much to eat or drink! Here’s how to administer it: No food, drink or tooth brushing 15 minutes before and after taking the remedy. Without touching the pellets, tap one under your tongue and let it dissolve. If one dose does not fully resolve the problems, you may repeat it up to three times.

And remember, health is the freedom to be your best in all realms of life. If you would like to feel better, experience increased vitality, well-being and the freedom to be your best, consider exploring Classical Homeopathy in 2013…holistic health from the inside out. Happy Holidays!


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