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Feeling Sick as a dog?

Ok!! So, everybody around you has the flu and now, maybe, you do too!  You already know you ought to go home, go to bed, stay hydrated (no, not beer or wine, sorry!), eat light, make sure all avenues of elimination are working well, get out the Epsom salts for a bath and eat chicken soup!  Taking good care of yourself, especially during these times can make all the difference in your recovery.

But what could Homeopathy do for you?
The initial symptoms of influenza are often very general:   chills, fever, body aches, gastrointestinal symptoms.   Since Homeopathic remedies are selected  according to characteristic or unusual symptoms, the early onset of flu may be challenging to find the correct remedy to alleviate the flu.  However, this is the point that Oscillo or Oscillococcinum also known as Anas Barbariae may be helpful since it has a similarity to the early symptoms of influenza.  You’ve probably seen this Homeopathic remedy in many health food stores.  I keep a vial in the house for situations such as this, though fortunately, I have rarely needed it.  Research has shown that if it is taken in the first 48 hours after the development of symptoms, Oscillo often relieves or reduces symptoms of flu.

I’ll mention some characteristics of other well-known remedies, readily available from health food stores, that may be effective with Influenza when the symptoms match:

Arsenicum Album may be helpful if the predominant symptoms are gastrointestinal with vomiting and diarrhea.  The face may be hot but the body chilly with a desire for open air.  Thirsty but for small sips of water.  Restless and anxious.

Belladonna may work for influenza which comes on suddenly with high fever with a flushed, red face, and dilated pupils or glistening eyes.  The hands and feet may be quite cold with the face and body hot.  Feeling worse around 3pm is common.

Bryonia is known for a desire to be left undisturbed and does not want to move.  Irritable if disturbed and does not want to talk or answer questions.  Jarring or motion is aggravating.   Here there is much thirst for large gulps of water.   A headache in the back of  the head or left front may be present.

Eupatorium Perforlatum is known for relieving flu in which severe body aches predominate.  High fever and unbearable aching, especially in the bones, as if they would break, is a characteristic symptom.   There is thirst for cold drinks despite being chilly but chills are worse after drinking.

Gelsemium may help with flu that is debilitating with tremendous weakness and sleeepiness even to the point that the limbs, eyelids and head feel incredibly heavy and almost impossible to lift the head off the pillow.   The eyelids may actually droop or be half closed.  There is a slow onset over several days with this type flu.  A headache in the back of head moving up to the forehead may be present.

If the symptoms match well, you might try one of the remedies above, taking 3 doses daily of a 30C potency, stopping the remedy once there is marked improvement.  If there is no improvement after 24 hours,  then it’s probably not the correct Homeopathic remedy for “the way you have the flu” and your best bet is to consult a Classical Homeopath for an acute consultation.

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