• The ART of Homeopathy: I have been seeing Sue Boorn for sinusitis problems and the results for me from the REMEDY prescribed and provided are incredible. Not having to take antibiotics almost continuously is short of miraculous. I am so happy and grateful to have found her. I think Sue is a very wise practitioner way ahead of the times, amazingly committed to her ART.  S.A.
  • I sincerely recommend Sue! Sue has treated my 4 yr old son since he was 1 yr old, and with great results!  When we started seeing her, he had been diagnosed with allergies and sinus problems, and use to struggle with colds and ear infections often, now he rarely catches anything! His immune system is very strong and he is a happy boy 🙂 Sue’s care has made such a big difference in our lives! She is also very warm and really caring. I sincerely recommend Sue if you are looking for a homeopath. F.R.
  • Incredible Practitioner: I have known Sue all my life, but recently have been seeing her officially as my homeopath. She has helped me immensely in a variety of ways. She is great and has caring, warm, energy. I highly recommend her.  Britney
  • Excellent Practitioner: I have had the pleasure of knowing and being treated by Sue for over 10 years now. Additionally, my grown children and their partners also see Sue as needed. She has made significant and permanent differences in all of our lives by helping us via her accurate prescribing skills – this ability is critical for a homeopath! In the past I have seen other excellent practitioners allowing me to have a great perspective and comparison as a reference point. I have, and continue to find Sue to be incredibly committed giving attention to detail always. She is also a very perceptive and compassionate practitioner who honors each patient and their own individual needs, circumstances and desires. Lastly, her patience as you move through the process is unending and unique in today’s world of fast paced frenetically moving life.  Dana B.
  • Wonderful Practitioner…I have been going to Sue for the past 3 years and she has been instrumental in helping cure my stomach issues. I highly recommend Sue, she is wise and caring.  Mary Anne